Polaroid Selfie in Trouble with legal issues: Not an Ideal Way to Start


Undoubtedly, Polaroid Selfie rocked the floor in CES 2015. It managed to give a glimpse of its design and style, and was very much able to slip through the cracks and chaos. The stylish Polaroid Selfie comes with 5.5-inch of IPS technology, with 720-pixel resolution. The octa-core process with Mediatek Chipset -2GB of RAM tops the specification. Also the Android 5.0-lollipop Android version is a good thing to note. After going through deep into its specification, the Smartphone matches much of its design and feature with Oppo N3.

polaroid selfie

You must be wondering what makes Polaroid Selfie compare with Oppo N3? The prime reason to make this, the Polaroid comes with swivel camera mounted at top, which allows you to capture front images with swing by just holding puck of camera. This same feature was introduced by Oppo N3. The same wind of comparison was caught by Oppo in CES 2015, and werena��t happy with the plagiarism. But the bad news for Polaroid is, the comparison of similarity was not only caught by us but by the Oppo too!

Due to its design and swivel camera, Polaroid might face legal issues. Since the look-out and design matches very much with Oppo. As Oppo N1 is main concept creator of rotating camera within Smartphone. They have patented this design style, and wona��t hesitate to take legal action. Wondering how this matter will sails through legal winds.