Pinterest re-engineers app for IOS 7


This time Pinterest has an interesting piece of news. This news is seriously a sort of breaking news. This time the new is concerned with behind the scene activity. When you hear something like a�?behind-the-scenea��, people like me become more curious to know and get to the root of the topic. Let me end up building a wall of suspense. Recently with a blog, Pinterest revealed their future steps for their developments. The Pinteresta��s engineering posted a very interesting blog about the development process for its iOS 7 app redesign. Ita��s like a team of three-to-four engineers collaborated with the design team to rebuild the Pinterest iOS app with easier navigation, different transition and several ways to discover pins through swiping or gestures.


While developing this and working on this update. The engineer of Pinterest worked on a simple and faster way to develop and built these new changes. The main challenge they overcame was to re-imaging things of the app while to maintain the aesthetic of our brand. The three main keys-areas they focused on:

  • Migrating UICollectionView and dropping iOS 5 support
  • To build gestural interface
  • Making use of iOS 7 with transitions, Background fetching, UIKit Dynamics andA� many more.

Steven Ramkumar , a software engineer came with this plan to drop iOS 5 and make use of iOS 7. With the use of iOS 7 operating system a new gestural interface for the app is developed.The foundation of this re-architecture app has proceeded to development stage which will show more innovation on mobile. There are more interesting things to reveal by them, leta��s wait, the Pinterest team will surely impress us in coming days.