Pebble smartwatch app store arrives on iOS, Android soon after


Pebble had already pointed in December 2013 that they are going to open Marketplace in 2014. Now, Pebble has announced that smart-watch’s app-store has launched on iOS. Pebble shipped their new smart-watch earlier this week and now they declared app store update for iOS companion software will be available from Monday. So wait for Pebble’s smart-watch app store finally comes to end and you can get it from 3rd Feb.

pebble smartphone

The app store will be having support for iOS and Android both but Pebble will launch it for iOS first. Android version in beta will follow soon after. If we check the report released in December then it was mentioned that store will have seven categories and they are watch-faces, daily, remotes, games, notifications, tools and utilities and sports and fitness. You can access store with your original plastic version of watch and also with their recently introduced Pebble Steel. Earlier, users have to search on third party sites in order to download application. Now you just need to have a pebble account and you can get new software from your tablet or phone.

We all know that there is limit for number of apps that watch can have in it. We cannot have more than eight apps loaded at the same time and it is to avoid crowded screen. To overcome this limitation, Pebble is coming with a new system where user can keep app in separate file without installing and then they can swap the app with existing app whenever required. There are many apps that store will bring to us like Foursquare, ESPN, Pandora and classic Mario watch-face.