Oppo to release Oppo R5 worldwide on Valentines Day


Oppo is coming with a brand new Smartphone named ‘Oppo R5’. Oppo has set trend to come with a unique feature that will stand out from other device, and this time too they have landed with this idea. The Oppo R5 is razor thin and titled as crown of Oppo’s Smartphone series. The Smartphone deserves the title of ‘Crown jewel’ as it is definite eye-catcher. The Oppo team is aiming to get high on international market with this device.
The Oppo R5 is set to release on 14th February. The idea to release on this day is to come with Valentine day’s season, so that the device will be noted by shopaholics. The device is self-proclaimed as ‘iPhone 6 killer’.

Oppo R5

Oppo R5 to be released on February 14th 2015

The breaking news has not ended yet! The Oppo R5 will come with special glided version of Smartphone. The special Smartphone will come with gold finish with 3.85mm of device. The Oppo R5 with new look is set to release with a hope of getting Apple customers too. The Smartphone comes 615 Snapdragon with Cortex A53 and 405 Adreno GPU with clock speed of 1GHz. The 5.2-inch of AMOLED screen comes with 1080-pixel resolution. The Camera features too are cool, with 13-Megapixel of rear Camera with 50-Megapixel of Ultra HD. It also offers cool features of refocus, fast focus, improved quality of image under low-light or slow-shutter. Moving on the front-facing camera it offers 5-megapixel to capture quality of selfies.
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Frankly speaking, a Smartphone with such cool features, battery life can be bit better. Let’s see how this Smartphone makes people fall in love on the V-day!