OnHub Googles new wireless Router preorder for $199


Google has been experimenting to step into new areas. Recently, the acquisitions of Dropcam and Nest, but it seems like they have partnered with TP-Link to bring something new. AWi-Fi router dubbed as OnHub. Dona��t jump with mixed emotions, if you have already owned a router and are too excited to know more about this!

 onhub Google router

The OnHub offers a classy look as compared to rest of the routers. The goodness does not get limited to its appearance, but it also adjusts itself according to the bandwidth and channel to suit its usuage. It offers Bluetooth, speaker and a mobile app too. There is also a router which is capable of 802.11 b/g/n ac at 2.4GHz. The circular array of antenna assures good signal strength, which scans 5-minutes with the least congested wireless channel. The Google App called a�?Google Ona�� can control the router from tablet or Smartphone.

This device will give a tough fight to wireless devices and will push the competition to new dimensions. This not only works as router thing, but also support Bluetooth Smart speaker, Google Weave and Zigbee. It comes with USB 3.0 port to work with, fast network attached software. Google seems to be very firm on its words, it has also promised to offer regular updates on a timely basis as well!