OnePlus 2 to be priced under 450 Dollars


OnePlus created a huge buzz with its public appearance. Is it really worth, the amount of attention OnePlus is receiving relative with the number of Smartphone it sells? Probably the ratio between sale and the amount of the Smartphone makes OnePlus ridiculous. Is it true? With every OnePlus product, it has received huge attention and good amount of marketing was created. But the price of the product might had set a drawback. The jaw dropping price of the phone and the invite system which was specially designed to these Smartphone made a note to the manufacturer, exactly how many phones could be sold. Hence, getting Smartphone too was not easy.

OnePlus One

Leta��s focus on the prime point of the article. Despite its touchscreen problem, messy fallout and delay updates on its OS, the price of the Smartphone is high. And still, the cost of OnePlus hits the headlines. Recently, the CEO Pete Leu quoted that, a��under $450a��! Yes, on its official page, the CEO stated that it was never about the price but delivering the best Smartphone.
The statement was quiet pseudo and completely inaccurate. Then what about the low price of Xiaomi? Xiaomi deliver good products definitely. OnePlus definitely has created an international name as a brand. But remember the last yeara��s quote about stating a�?under $500a�� which turned $300-$350. Leta��s wait and watch how OnePlus marks its presence this time?