NVIDIA Shield Android TV Specifications


The gaming handheld thing NVIDIA Shield, do you remember? Then you must also remember about NVIDIA Shield Android gaming tablet? Yes, soon we will be able to get NVIDIA Shield with Android TV Console.
NVIDIA is set with plan to come with first dedicated TV device. The CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has announced the worlda��s first TV with 4K-with Android Set-top box. The first thing that was done on this device was GDC revelation which was capable of running different features on Android TV.
But the question that revolves around your mind is how to control this set-up?

nvidia shield

NVIDIA Shield Android Console TV

Concept of Android TV is quite exciting. Ita��s not remote which makes the device console special, but ita��s NVIDIA Tegra X1processor which makes this device special. The chip flaunts brilliance as mobile cockpit, for running the device with amazing speed. NVIDIA Shield offers 4k content from small device, which is absolute amazing as compared to Apple TV.
According to the CEO, the NVIDIA Shield is very much noiseless, but generates enough power which is way ahead of sufficient term. The CEO also revealed about menu which will offer option like Resident Evil 5, Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel, Doom 3, Metal Gear Rising, and many more. NVIDIA Shield is set to make an entry by May.