NoSuchApp to make Android Apps safer

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There are two distinct ways for the downloading the apps and both of them are separate. The Apple’s app store is the first way of opting for the app, but this app store does exercise caution at their end, and only those apps, that are considered fit are allowed for downloading. The other way is of course the Google’s Play Store, this does not have any filters and allows the apps excluding only those which appear malicious.Google Play Store offers a much wider range of apps and that too quality apps. The only disadvantage being that many may connect to doubtful sites associated with malware, while many may connect to the ad-related sites. While the owner may be totally in the dark about the dubious activity.

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NoSuchApp to make free Android Apps safer

Luigi Vigneri and his team from France, has now found a solution to this. They have now come up with a way that automatically will check the apps in Play store and monitor the sites connected. The team started with more than 2000 free apps available on the Play Store, analysing them on Samsung SIII with Android OS, and this recorded all the urls that were attempted by each app for contact. The outcome of this was shocking, it was noticed that these apps connect to different urls, more than 250000, and most of the apps attempt to connect only few ads and tracking sites. Few apps though in a small proportion seemed set to connect to the suspicious sites with malware.

As most users have poor or no knowledge of this kind of approach, Vigneri and the team have devised their own app to monitor the behaviour of the other apps on the Smartphone of the user, and inform the user about the attempts made by the app for the kind of connections. This new app is termed as NoSuchApp in short NSA. This should certainly boost up the confidence of the Android using customers in the apps being used. The plan of the team is to make this app publicly available for the Android users in the near future, and this app also shall be made open in the Google Play Store.