Nokia Android Smartphone: Holy Grail !!!


Many of the Smartphone users had wished at some times to have a Nokia Android Smartphone. And you will be really shocked with the news that, Nokia planning to launch a Smartphone device with a customized version of Android! The code name of the product is Normandy, which will be able to run many apps run through an Android Smartphone.  Normandy will be a low cost device similar to the Nokia Asha series,or we may say, it is an Android version of Asha series only. It is targeted to an emerging markets, but also having a very tight budget for this project Normandy.
In the month of September, when it was announced by Microsoft of purchasing Nokia, many users felt that there will not be any chance of release of Android phone by Nokia. But now it’s said that the project Normandy has been planned before acquisition began with Microsoft.

Nokia Logo<h4> Nokia Android Smartphone </h4>

Though the Normandy is Android Smartphone by Nokia, users must not expect too much from it. As there is a lack of some basic hardware too like 3G or GPS FM Radio, as well as it gives very low access to Google play store as well as other Google services too.

Though the deal between Microsoft and Nokia of acquisition is a done deal, Microsoft requires several months more to take over the Nokia. So, yet it’s not decided that, whether Microsoft allows for the launch of Normandy in the market to avoid the wastage of time as well as of money which is used for the development of this phone during this acquisition period or it may scrap the project Normandy completely and will face the loss for it.

In any of this scenario, it is difficult for the Nokia to make a large difference with its first Android phone. And in the future the widespread Nokia phones will run Windows, and Windows only in the upcoming future. As the Normandy can be considered as an entry level device in the market full of Android devices. Android lovers were always waiting for the release of Android phone by Nokia, it seems that, Normandy will make their dream true, but the percentage of the acceptance of this device in such competent Android Market can not be determined by now. And whether the Normandy will be released in 2014, is still up in the air.