New Windows 10 phones in development: Cityman and Talkman


Here’s a spicy piece of news! Microsoft is on a secret mission. Let’s end-up making this post more galvanizing. Microsoft is currently working on two high-end Smartphones with Windows 10 Operating system. The two Smartphone is currently under development stage. No confirmed news is yet revealed, but according to few sources the one high-end Smartphone is of Codename Cityman, while other with Codename Talkman. Microsoft is stepping into battle by focusing to deliver bigger screen and great advance specifications.

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New Windows 10 phones codenamed Cityman and Talkman

Smart-phone with Codename ‘Cityman’, is designed to come with Windows 10 Operating System. The Smartphone is said to offer 5.7-inch of display QHD screen. Moving on the processor section, it is loaded with a Qualcomm Octa-processor with 3GB RAM. The camera specifications is no low, it will offer 20MP of rear camera. Memory details are yet to land, but the Smartphone will come with an expandable memory section and removable battery. More advance hardware specification is yet to be included in Cityman handset.

Second one is named “Talkman” will be a bit smaller version than Cityman. Talkman will come with 5.2-inch of QHD display screen, Hexa-core Qualcomm processor with 3GB RAM. The camera section will be similar like Cityman with 20MP on the rear side. Both Smart-phone will offer LED flash and also with 5MP of front facing camera. Last week Microsoft announced the news of the Windows 10 Operating system will soon land on the PC, but no mention of Smartphone OS was made. Let’s hope we soon might get the Operating system to try hands on!