New version of Yahoo Mail offers more Smart service for mobile


If you are using Yahoo email address and are quite active with the updates, then you must be aware of update landing on your device. Yahoo Mail have introduced good-sized update. The update with version number ‘4.8.2’, will land with tons of changes and advancement that will make your life more convenient. Wait! This is not stated by us, but Yahoo’s update promises to make so.
We see tons of update landing on our Smartphone, then dual mind whether to update or not? But this Yahoo version 4.8.2 have landed with pretty good updates. The notable feature is, we can get real-time update of number of online retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, eBay and so. it also comes with flight notification, this feature might be useful for people who take help of Cheap Tickets and Orbitz.

yahoo logo

Now, personalizing yahoo catalogue is no pain, you can select required sports team or so to get updates. Waiting for bonus? You can also read your daily horoscope from your very own email application.

Yahoo is in total oomph to jump high! There are few more list of improvements introduced with the recent update version.

  • Bugs fixes with more scope of improvement
  • Deliver smooth mailing experience
  • Yahoo Today can be customize with your likes and dislike options.
  • If you are with idea to grab this update, why are you waiting for? Heading toward Play store will help you to update to this cool version.