New Moto X rumoured to have fingerprint scanner


Last year we heard about the Source code, suggesting Google and Motorola to include a fingerprint scanner in their Nexus 6, though the idea was scrapped from the final product. While, recently the news revealed that Android M will support fingerprint scanning feature. With all manufactures are running to include the demanding fingerprint scanning feature, how come Google will miss this opportunity to try their hands on! According to the news, Google too has included the feature on its radar. Then what about Motorola? Yes, you guess it right. Motorola too will be planning to add a fingerprint reader in its Next-Generations Moto X.

motorola logo

Recently, two photos of Moto X chassis were leaked. The leaked photo with right size and shape convinced us that the image are of Moto X, which probably will include a fingerprint scanner with needful hardware elements in it, this means that if the leak are accurate, then Moto X too will offer fingerprint scanning feature.

It’s too early to say or assume whether the Moto X will come with fingerprint scanner or not? Until we get a confirmation about the device, whether it will have the respective feature or not, Android M will offer the feature.

Motorola has upgraded it from KitKat to modified version of Android Lollipop, has it’s built in fingerprint scanner, we are also hoping that the device works flawless with Android Pay and other features of Android M.