New HTC One offical flip cover seen: courtesy Twitter


@evleaks has again leaked a press image for HTC’s upcoming smartphone. It is rolling over internet via Twitter. This leaked image clearing shows that smartphone is covered with a nicely-looking flip cover case that gives it a special look. They have designed Flip cover so nicely that you can see some relevant information very clearly on it like time whether information. All these information is visible even if your phone is locked. It is based on same concept that we have seen in LG and Alcatel.

HTC ONE Cover Leaked Photo

There are some more leaked press images for HTC One official flip cover. A few weeks back, @evleaks has leaked a photo for HTC All New One official flip cover. According to tipster, the new HTC M8 will come with Google Play Edition. It is not socking to have Google Play Edition as original HTC one was one of the first devices to have Google Play Edition.

HTC will reveal All new HTC One in this month only and it is expected to be on 25th March. HTC M8 is one of the devices that has shown many unscheduled appearance on different sites. There are many people waiting for HTC M8 to be released. We hope that HTC All New One will stand on our expectations.