New concept video of iPhone Air is believable : Best one out there yet


We have seen many next generation iPhone concepts on web with different designs. Now designer Sam Beckett has shared his own ‘iPhone Air’ concept video. The video is very nicely prepared and shows basic design of smartphone. It shows that iPhone Air will be a bit thinner and larger in size as compared to their current iPhone 5S. iPhone 5S is already very famous in market and if concept of ‘iPhone Air’ can be implemented then there are strong chances that it can beat iPhone 5S in market sales.

Lets take a look at iPhone Air design. iPhone Air will be made 8 percent bigger in size and 9 percent slimmer as compared to iPhone 5S. Also, it will have display size 17 percent increased with resolution of 1920 x 1080 and 468 pixel-per-inch (PPI). Its screen will be covered with Sapphire glass for better protection. Here are words from Backett on The Verge forums “Some extra space could be potentially utilized by reducing the width of the side bezels and by also slimming down the top and bottom of the phone frame too,” Backett wrote on The Verge forums.

Apart from these features, it has a 10 megapixel camera at back which comes with an aperture of f/1.8 and a fingerprint sensor. According to rumors, it will also have a Apple wearable device and fitness app into it but there is no official support for this news. We have also seen rumors posting that next iPhone will come with minimum 4.7 inch display screen and can be launched in June.