Is Motorola working on Wearable Tech


Now, every big manufacturer of Smartphone is trying to go with wearable technology. Many manufacturers are also making patent of the products or ideas they are working with. But this piece of news we are seriously interested in to work on, a new patent is filled by the Motorola company. The patent was filed in mid of June, and published under U.S patent and trademark office. The patent registered is named as ‘electronic device and method with flexible display’. Motorola is back with a bang, this new release will astonish the user to 180-degree. While this will surely be the best part of Motorola lovers. Wearable technology is trying to establish its style in the current market, with coming year a lot of companies will be shining with wearable technology.

With its name, what exactly the company is trying to describe is a Smart-watch that would have a flexible display and flexible chassis. The actual product details are yet to be disclosed. This surely is the surprising part of users, till the official authorities of Motorola don’t disclose, as a patent application is written under patent language.

Motorola Working on Wearable tech for the masses

motorola flexible display device patent

It’s not only with Motorola, the revolving rumors to say that Google is also working on Smart-watches. The perfect time will open all secrets, as we have seen Smart-watch patent from Google too. But not any shades of news have been made by them till now. The wearable technology was first cracked by Samsung with Smart-watch, but this Samsung’s product failed to create expected hit in the market.

motorola google company

Presently, Sony, Samsung, Qualcomm and Pebble have launched Smart-watches to give their contribution in wearable technology, while other companies too are trying their best to enter in this race of Wearable technology. Apple and Microsoft are other biggies are also rumored to be secretly working on designs of Smart-watch.