Motorola Moto 360 2nd Generation: Available on Pre-order at 299.99$


Several sites had already leaked few details of the awaited product called ‘Moto 360-2nd Generation’. The New model is available in two variants, one in 42mm and the other in 46mm. The Moto 360 is available for both genders, with men and women’s version, but of smaller model with an offer. The main original Moto 360 is a bit large for few users. On having a glimpse on both sizes and versions, the smaller version looks natural on the male’s wrist.

Moto 360 2nd Generation Preorder Available in USA

Its display resolution is 360 X 360 pixel resolution on 1.56-inch and 360 X 325 resolution on 1.37-inch. Both the model shows are bright and sharp. Very cool thing to note is easily swappable straps. One can try both, either Stainless steel strap or leather one. Both give an aesthetic look. Undoubtedly, leather option looks classier and quite comfortable on wrist with high quality of feel! The Moto 360 version too got unveiled, but this model seems to be a dummy unit. Its silicone finish is not up to the mark, also the look is not that appealing as a fashion accessory. To conclude on the Moto 360, it looks quite solid with healthier battery life. It is available on pre-order, which starts today in the United States. It comes with a price tag ranging between US$300 & $430, depending on how it can be customized. Click here to Pre-order
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