Motorola G Unlocked Available at 180$


Motorola has added a different dimension to mobile game. In special event held at New York, Motorola announced a Smartphone with cheapest price. They introduced Motorola G, a perfect sibling to Moto X. Motorola and Google are trying to change the trend. The higher-end Smartphone will now be available at affordable cost. This is great news for Motorola lovers; the one who were finding a bit high rates for its previous products can make their way to this affordable product. And, if you are thinking that this affordable Smartphone will not deliver those outstanding features like its previous product then you are in misconception. This Moto G Smartphone promise to deliver great quality of service just like its integrated great features.

Moto G is rated highly for its incredible features

Moto G

This MOTO G comes at very cheap cost of $179, that too with no contract to think before buying. A great product to look for, with a needful feature stuffed in it. The Moto G comes with 4.5-inch of display screen with 720-pixel of high definition display. It sports a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2 GHz. The RAM size is about 1GB and 16 GB of built in storage space. The camera quality is also good. It provides 1.3-megapixel for front camera, which is better than other camera providing VGA and 5-megapixel with rear facing camera.

This Smartphone comes with Android operating system, 4.3 Jelly bean, though Motorola is promising also to come with Android 4.4 Kitkat version. The next year will be a good turning point for Motorola company, as there are several product all set to make public appearance in year 2014.

This surely, will not be a bad phone; this is giving a total value for money. It offers 19-customizable option which also includes Flip Shell and Motorola Shell in total seven different colors, while grip shell is available in five colors. The device will be available with no SIM lock or contract limitation. Moto G is built with lot of expectation from its manufacturer a quality Smartphone that will be available for affordable cost for large users. The Smartphone will be seen by early January 2014 under several retailers and carriers.