Moto G 2015 may have a 2 Gb RAM option


Moto G series is popularly known for the pleasant surprises it gives to their customers. Since the first device launched in the market in 2013 these quite affordable handsets which are within easy reach of their customers has succeeded in newer and newer versions. The very first model was the device which introduced an Android to their customers in economic range and proved to be budget friendly. The second generation devices were also maintained the tight rope walking subject to the price tag, in spite of bringing in more features and better performance. The industry news now hints at the availability of the third generation device in the series.

Motorola Moto G

All attention is now fixed on Motorola with high expectation of Moto G (2015). The most exciting news leak regarding the new device has been out recently, and as per the info the new device Moto G (2015) will come with 2GB RAM well as the traditionally available 1 GB version. As the mark-up is quite substantial this could potentially be an important feature.
Another interesting aspect about this new Moto G could be that this model may be the first in the series which will be eligible for MotoMaker customization. The customers can get the device customized from the customization hub prior to the placement of order.

Though there are no button modifications, there is possibility that Moto G will have an option of a wide variety of colourful back plates as well as colour accent customization. The above mentioned RAM option and the DTV options also could be part of the package. Though Moto G has MotoMaker inclusion it is for sure that these devices shall be available only in the selected market segments and not all over instantly.