Microsoft Windows Phone Lumia Denim Update coming this year end


At IFA 2014 Microsoft announced the Lumia Denim update. For a change its a different naming scheme from the usual we have seen from Microsoft.The Lumia Denim update will be available to all select range of devices later this year (usually means next year not many months left if you count :P). The update promised by Lumia Denim update is gonna be part of Windows Update 8.1 update 1.Gets a bit confusing since there was already an update announced by windows earlier. We have a list of all the updates that your phone will receive as part of the Denim Update

Windows Phone 8.1  Lumia Denim Update emulator demo

Cortana Update: Cortana can now be activated by “Hey Cortana” similar to one of its rival.Since it uses Sensorcore, it will easier now to activate Cortana with use of any physical button. Great for people while driving, one can activate personal assistant via voice. Geofencing feature is now integrated in Cortana, making it easy to get instant on spot updates.

Camera: Lumia Cameras are great, but there was always a lag when starting up,using software improvements, these update will be available only to Lumia Series of phone.Another feature is Moment Capture which allows a windows phone to capture 4k video at 24fps with 8.3 mega pixels, one nifty feature is it allows you to take 4k photos and makes it easier to edit on the fly the feature is entirely hardware dependent. Looks like newer midrange version and high end Lumia devices are definetely in line for this update.
Burst shot have been quicken up, Microsoft says one can take anywhere between 3- 12 images, they have stated the burst mode can acheive this faster than it take a human eye to blink ( surely will need to check this one out ), other amazing update is on the fly brightness adjustments, for photos taking in no-flash or low light situtation. There are several other smaller udpates that will be part of the Lumia Denim update.

Other Lumia Denim features : Forwarding of SMS and merging of SMS,making it easy to sent messages to multiple users.Changing of snooze time (yeah sleep more), minutes can be set to get that extra wink minutes. The Lumia Denim, will be initially available on Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 initially , we guess its gonna be region based like last time, got to wait and check on the lumia update link avaialble on Nokia Site. We are keeping any eye out on any further updates shall update as we go.