Microsoft Releases Windows 10 loT Core


Here is another great piece from Microsoft. Windows have come with Windows 10 loT Core for MinnowBoard Max and Rasberry Pi2. Are you thrilled to know about Windows 10 loT Core? Well, it is targeted for small embedded device, which might have or not have screens. It will not have Windows Shell experience, but will have Universal Windows App. It is just like a personality for your device.

Windows Phone 10 one platform

The Windows 10 loT core is designed for easy building grade devices. It can work with a variety of languages and also works with Visual Studio. The biggest part of this is, it can be used to build robotic air-hockey tables. It will also support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Here is a list of features added to this new release:

  • GPIO performance
  • Improved support for Node.js and Python
  • It will support ADC & PWM through breakout boards and IC’s
  • (ADC- Analog to digital | PWM- Pulse Width Modulation)
  • The UWP Universal Windows Platform API to give easy control of system controls for network connection & time-zone.

It seems like Windows 10 loT is pushing its desire for hobbyist. It seems like a cool and fun thing, to explore on open source.