Microsoft Office Preview Released for Android


After the release of Office for iOS devices and tablets, now Microsoft announced the preview of Office for the Android smartphones. Microsoft has provided a single app with Office Android experience. As expected, the new software of Android Office will be working with any cloud providers.Now the users can access their documents faster, one can create, open or edit and save files from the Android smartphones anytime and from anywhere. Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint all shall be available to the user now. Many users are still not very much accustomed to this new style of cross-platform working pattern of Microsoft.

android office

This is only yet another step of Microsoft in its task of taking Office to every platform popularly used by the customers. The companya��s Office 365 is performing very appreciably tagging with millions of customers both from business and private sector consumers. There is new PowerPoint and Excel apps for the Android phones. Microsoft has many more new places to add. The company had already covered OS Windowsa��s desktops, iPhones, iPada��s, and now it is applicable on the Android Phones as well. The software company has already checked every box.

Worth noting fact is that Microsofta��s iOS and Android apps are very popular and the proof of this lies in the fact that they have crossed the 100 million download mark recently.
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