Microsoft, HTC in talks to put Windows on Android phones


We already knew that the Microsoft is now the owner of Nokia devices and its services. Now they are planning to implement the Windows operating system into the HTC devices which are running the Android operating system. There is no official declaration about the same but according to the various sources Terry Myerson, who is head of Microsofta��s operating systems had meeting with the HTC for bringing the Windows phone as an alternate option for their users. There are many smartphone makes who make the Windows as well as Android phone but HTC is the first one of those. HTC have not talked about any new windows operating system based smartphone.




As Microsoft has taken over the Nokia’s Mobile division they want to continue their A�Windows phone line up and so they are hunting for a new partner to work with. So there are more chances that we will get to see HTC smartphone with Windows and Android operating system in future. If we compare the mobile phone operating system with the shares that they have in market then the Android phone is on the top with 79 % shares, second comes the Apple’s iOS with 13 % shares and at the end it comes Windows operating system with just 3.7% shares. This is the result according to the research-firm IDC and its very bad for the Windows operating system. So they are using these tactic to pull themselves up on the board.