Microsoft HoloLens: The Next PC


Microsoft opens up Holographic world for developers. HoloLens is beyond what is offered in today’s smart accessories. This is science fiction coming real.It means our own world will never be the same. digital life and real world meet not like the horizon that it always looked. Is this the next leap we looking at from a perspective of PC User. Windows 10 is aptly named as it is certainly a leap from what it offered currently.


Microsoft has made Holo Studios for developers to make Holographic Apps, all of this comes integrated in Windows 10.Yes it does comes out of the box. Personalized Apps to Gaming everything can be made easily via the HoloStudio.
The Applications of Hologram Far exceed what is currently offered in today’s market.With Holograms one can created real world objects in 3d, yup even the most non creative person can use it to create their own Apps. May be the most best iteration of windows ever.

Updates :

1.The new iteration of Windows 10 offers holographic images making it most advanced OS even though it has not entered into production
2. With mobility one of the core experience that Microsoft is targeting All of devices under Windows 10 will run on One single Platform
3. HoloLens is not a dummy hardware or Microsoft and Nasa have already collabrated and worked on a project, Making Mars come alive right here on Earth
4.The depth camera has a field view that spans 120 by 120 degrees
5. A range of Sensors pump in data every second, all taken care by a CPU, GPU and worlds first HPU (holographic processing unit)

We will keep updating this space as we get more news for this amazing device.