Microsoft drops the price on Surface Pro to $688


Recently Microsoft has dropped a $100 price from surface pro , just as the company starts selling the updated surface pro 2 model . the $100 price was made permanent in August alongside Touch cover and Surface RT reductions. Due to the $100 cut the price came down to just $688 , as compared to $899-the price of surface pro2 model. The cutting of price made by Microsoft was only seen in US and Canada , other international stores fails to show the price adjustments.

Windows pro surface

The offer is valid till 31st December . While the cut being temporary , Microsoft is planning to sell the original surface pro after the stocks gets finished. In the Microsoft main site you would not find surface pro in the products pages and any mention of the original has just vanished .  The Microsoft Store also puts the surface pro by side, sliding the original Surface , Surface pro , Surface pro 2 to the backend. Microsoft did not mention the price scaling of the surface pro during its Surface 2 event in New York last month. Its only nine months since Surface pro has come , so $200 off its original pricing is a bargain for those who want laptop power in a tablet-like form factor.