Microsoft confirms Windows 8.1 GDR2 Update


Last week, Microsoft released Windows 10 Technical Preview for its Smart-phone. We heard few news about reaching last phase of testing on 512MB device, but there is one more twist to the long awaited Windows 10 OS.
After GDR1, ita��s time to come with another piece of update. Yes! Another update is on way and will be launched before Windows 10 OS. According to the documentation published by Microsofta��s official site, there are number of updates and reference related to a�?Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2a��. GDR2 stands for General Distribution Release-2. This indicates that, this release will be next to GDR1.

Windows Phone 8

Windows 8.1 GDR2 update in the works

The Update 2 was rumoured to land by end of 2014 year. But Microsoft was with another plan! This time Window Phone Dev Centre Site, an official site of Microsoft confirmed that the update GDR2 is real.

On posting the update of GDR2, it also stated few references which might change:

  • Video on LTE: New option with setting for carriers
  • Additional language: Lao,Khmer, Bangla
  • VPN configuration: With few setting changes
  • Policy manger: New Policy Manager configuration added
  • Restore tile layout

Microsoft is yet to announce the release of update GDR2. There is still no full-change-log available for update.