Micromax Canvas Knight chrages 100% within 2 minutes and drain fast


Exceptional smartphone features are introduced in Canvas Knight model by Micromax to throw a major challenge to big market players. The biggest feature that turned everyonea��s attention was the phone getting charged 100% within 2 minutes. Perhaps, it is hard to understand that how the mobile phone manufacturer managed to get such a unique feature. Meanwhile, there are mobile phone strategists and critics who strike off it as a publicity gimmick or technical flaw. The actual truth could be unveiled to the core only when the end users are able to make use of the device. Eventually, the biggest drawback in this regard is that the battery drains faster than before, which is the case with any other smartphone model.

Micromax Canvas Knight A350

Remaining attentive regarding the manner in which you make use of your new Micromax Canvas Knight will cast a major difference for sure. Perhaps, you need to understand your daily usage priorities in detail so that the battery does not drain faster. Internet connection consumes maximum charge whether you agree or not. Making use of the communication in a careful manner will let you organize your preferences without going through any major issues for sure. Multiple apps rely upon the Internet so that they could run properly. It is necessary that you delete all those that are not needed or probably turn off your internet connection completely except when needed to increase the battery backup.

Brightness is another aspect that you need to focus upon. Though you might be feeling proud for purchasing a stylish smartphone included with best themes and designs, the inner thing is that you need to let go certain aspects at the same time. The increased focus upon bright themes will end up spending more battery charge making you to charge it frequently. Saving yourself from such a pain and increasing the battery backup time is possible only when you focus upon the reduction of brightness without going through any major issues.

Android apps or those related to Symbian, you might want to use your smartphone sparingly. Remember that there are a lot of unwanted apps that remain in your device occupying a lot of space and slowing down the performance. By deleting the unwanted apps, you are able to increase the performance and the battery backup as well. Also, there are other aspects that you need to focus upon such as playing games too frequently. Making sure that you have knowledge about the charge status always so that not you might miss access to your important calls is beneficial. The manner in which you run videos too creates a huge difference to you in terms of battery backup time.