MaxxAudio and SwiftKey Keyboard land on OnePlus One handset


OnePlus has created a good name on its release. The OnePlus has collaborated with app maker ‘SwiftKey’. The upcoming device will have pre-loaded keyboard with update for Cyanogen Mod 11S. The Users can activate to this keyboard through some changes under setting section. This update will also offer MaxxAudio integration.
The SwiftKey Keyboard will allow user to type in 81-different languages, apart from the predictive text. The SwiftKey update also offers multiple theme, layout, swipe-based through SwiftKey Flow, option to switch between languages and so. The OnePlus head of product, Helen Li stated that, ‘we always look toward improve the product by working with partners who share great vision and quite sensible innovations’.

OnePlus One

OnePlus One gets new addition MaxxAudio and Swiftkey

As SwiftKey will come as pre-installed app, it will be bit difficult to get rid of that app manually, users are either left with option to switch to default keyboard or deactivate it. The CM11S OTA update will bring the ‘SwiftKey Keyboard’ on your device very soon. No official information on MaxxAudio Integration have been received. The piece of news leaked in December, did mention few details about MaxxAudio.
The MaxxAudio will come integrated with AudioFX equalizer, which is custom-tuned for OnePlus One’s speakers, Silver Bullet, JBL E1+ headphones. In this users will have 10-different equalizers pre-set, from jazz to classical, from hip-hop to heavy metal and so on!

A final word about this update release is yet to receive, whether this will be available for Indian users is also a big question?