LG’s 2nd Generation of Urbane series watch to Support LTE


LG has come with a new V10 Phone with its partner trendiest Smartwatch. The Smartwatch dubbed as Watch Urbane 2nd Edition. Like its First model, the Smartwatch has got circular display. The Watch will offer latest Android operating system. This will be the first device to come with Android Wear and also a cellular connection with the data and call connection. So carrying your Smartwatch and leaving your Smartphone at Home won’t create a huge chaos!

LG Urbane 2nd Generation will support LTE

Yes, the idea seems like quite new, which was not even upgraded by Apple Watch yet. Now, LG has come with WebOS, which is powered by Watch Urbane LTE. This can also go alone with Samsung Gear S Tizen. Internet connection for this Smartwatch is essential. It can also be connected to Wi-Fi. It offers 480 X 480 res P-OLED with 570-battery to power whole day with feature of Power Saving Mode. Price and release date for this gadget is yet to be confirmed by the officials, but the device will first launch in Korea and the US.