LG will update their Android Smartphones on Monthly basis


After Google, Samsung now LG is racing to protect its Android Smartphones. According to the current report, LG has committed itself to post monthly security updates to protect its Smartphone. As the alarm of hackers is rising alert on all Android Smartphones, the companies are ensuring right protective measures to protect the devices.

LG G4 Stylus or Stylo

LG is yet to confirm the news of the monthly updates for security issues. The updates will take a small amount of time, as it will pass through few quality tests. As per the issue pointed by MIT Technology Review and Motherboard, the issue revolves around Android work. Rather than coming with a product that is tweaked or forked for safety measures, the company is planning to make modification in the Operating System. Instead of going for one version of the software, minor variation or modifications can help to fix the issues. But this results in universal security patches which are difficult to distribute.

Hence, the Straightfit bug is horrid, and threatens 950-million devices with a difficulty in creating a single solution. Hope, LG soon comes with the update for security issues on a monthly basis!
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