LG rubs off the tales of suing Qualcomm


Snapdragon earned quality of name with its ace processors sporting on different Smartphone. Snapdragon created its image with delivering quality of output. Recently, Snapdragon was in news but with controversial headlines. The controversy in Smartphone world seem to be endless. But Snapdragon was in news due to overheating issues. The matter gathered heat with the news that Samsung will be abandoning the problematic piece for their smartphone, with Qualcomm responding with modified version for the use of Samsung smartphones.

LG G Flex 2

LG denies issues with Qualcomm

This further gave rise to the new crop of rumors that the company LG is contemplating to file against Qualcomm and will sue them. Though almost immediately and instantly the company LG was quick to deny the reports to rule out the rumors.
The Korean giant LG also released statement to this effect clarifying that the rumors regarding LG taking any legal action against Qualcomm is totally baseless and fabricated, and the same should not be taken seriously by anyone.
Few report suggests, Samsung had issued complaints of heating issues, but LG denies facing such issues. Recently, LG has announced to come with curved Phablet named a�?LG Flex2a��. This LG Flex2 will offer Qualcomm chipset. The company says it has good equations with Qualcomm and faces no heating issues.