LG G4 unveiling in April 2015


Android Smart-phones are a lot of news these days, while the battle of Android is catching high fame. This MWC 2015 had entry of several number Android Smartphones which created a huge buzz, which also involved Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. A not so huge response was received by HTC One M9, while LG also hopes to gather huge response with its new entry.
This MCW 2015, LG officials are all set to come with their new device. With a hard passion and positive goals, the company is aiming to sell 10-million units to sell in the year 2015. LG officials claim that they have sold around 7-6 million of LG G3 devices. They have also received a title of best Smartphone in the year 2014. The LG Smartphone which made an entry in May 2014 received huge positive response from users.

lg g4

LG G4 April countdown

According to the sources, LG G4 will be making debut in April 2015. The Smart-phone will have a slight change in specifications and features. To gain higher sales and create a total buzz will be the main aim of LG, with producing a tough product which will give hard competition to contenders. LG has set a long-term strategy after receiving good response from LG G3.
It seems like LG is following the path of Samsung to switch back to metal-chassis for their device. There are also rumours that LG will implement a fingerprint scanner in their LG G4, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. LG also stated that they have no issues with Qualcomm chip. The time will reveal more about the device!