LG announces Financial Results for Fourth Quarter and 2013 Financial Results


LG is targeting many markets including Mobile phones, Recently they have released their financial report for fourth quarter and full year of 2014. According to the report presented by Lg, they have made $53.1 billion as their net revenue. For full year of 2013, they gained net profit of $ 203.65 million. If we compare this report with financial report presented for 2012 then LG has improved to some extend. LG’s operating profit was $1.8 billion in 2012 and now it is $ 1.17 billion in year 2013.

LG G Pad tablet

Now, lets check the report for only fourth quarter of 2013. According to the report by LG, they have earned $14.03 billion as their net revenue and $223.89 million as operating profit. There are also some higher non operating expenses and because of that, they faced $60.21 million loss. Report mentioned till now is for overall LG product and not just mobile business.

Moving to LG’s mobile section, LG has reported that they have gained 29 % raise in annual revenue that is $11.85 billion year on year. And 18 % increase in fourth quarter revenue that is $ 3.38 billion quarter to quarter. Such result for LG is due to release of many high end devices but release of G2 and Nexus 5 made a big impact on result. There are total 13.2 million smartphones shipped in 4th quarter of last quarter. If we compare it with last year then figure is increased about 54 percent.