Lenovo buying Motorola from Google


Lenovo made its 2nd biggest buyout Motorola. Google and Lenovo have shaken hands and made it official that Motorola Mobility along with 2,000 Motorola patents. This deal makes Lenovo after Apple the only manufacture to have a complete line up of phones pc tablets under one roof making it a standout under the Android Market. With such amazing device range, chances are multi-platform devices are gonna be next IN thing. Lenovo did recently buyout a major chunk of IBM’s server business, it’s in line with major expansion that Lenovo is seeking to ensure that it gets a major foothold in USA and Latin America.

Hello Lenovo !!

motorola logo lenovo

Lenovo buyout may not come as a surprise, shareholder for long have thought Motorola was an expensive buyout by Google, price of Google Inc immediately rose after the deal was announced reflecting the sentiments by share holder. Google holds a majority of patents held by Motorola, making a good choice to exploit after the recent buyout. Google will still retain research wing to aid and extend its research in wearable and other tech toys. It will be interesting to see how does this buyout changes Motorola’s Identity. Lenovo will get immediate access to all of Motorola carrier based deals and existing infrastructure to leverage from the deal also making it easy for its product range to find a foot holding in USA easier.Let see how things develop. This is the first major news for 2014.. more to come