KitKat not Lollipop installed in majority of Android Devices


Android keeps on introducing new versions and creating the trend among youth and all Smartphone users. The craze of the Android operating system started with Ice Cream Sandwich and trended till the development of latest Lollipop version. A lot people opt to get an Android Operating system on their Smartphone as they find this a bit easy and cosy to go with. It’s been seven months since Lollipop was formally announced. With material design Lollipop has been slated as the biggest leap for Android users since its inception. Lets take a look at what stats have to say about it.

Android 4 Kitkat

Even after running for seven months, many high-end Smartphone are still running with KitKat version. According to statistics, around 5.4% of device are only update to latest Android Operating system Lollipop version, but Google, the official partner shows jump till 9.7%. Every version took an approximate time to score high with latest Android version. As per the statistics, Android Lollipop 5.0 was noted as the biggest gainer from 5.0% last month, up to 9.0% of other devices in current month only.

Android Chart May

But after looking at the past records, Lollipop has not scored well with time. There was a slight increase with the number of device from 0.4% in the month of April to 0.7% till yesterday. While, Android 5.1 was released on device three months ago,its natural that penetration of recent release wont be very high. Android Customization is a boon as well as curse for it, since all vendors want to customize it to suit their needs. Hence penetration of majority of new releases to masses takes time. In fact a point to note, Lollipop has scored on charts in past four weeks. But KitKat version is running on 90.7% of Android device in 5-years, remaining unaffected with Lollipop version release.