Jollaa��s Sailfish Paarlampi Update available: New features added, no more heartbleed issues


Jollaa��s Sailfish OS is already one of the famous OS in market and now they have released update 5 for it. This update is released with the name Dubbed Paarlampi with many new features added to it. After Dubbed Paarlampi update, you will get your OS version as After the update, you will be able to perform two-way sync Exchange contacts. Other than this, they have added MMS feature as well and you can get carrier access point settings OTA. You can set a default account to send an email and so you dona��t need to set mention it again and again.

Jolla OS

Dubbed Paarlampi update leads to save EXIF data on in photos clicked with Jollaa��s camera. You will also be able to save GPS coordinates for images that you click so that exact location of any clicked images can be determined easily. There are many more features added by update 5 which includes Swipe to close gesture, visual interaction hints, and keyboard sounds. If you want then you can alter settings for gestures and the keyboard sounds according to your comfort.

Jolla OS update

There were a few bugs in previous version and all those bugs are resolved with Dubbed Paarlampi update. Earlier, OS was struggling with OpenSSL a�?heartbleeda�? bug but Paarlampi update resolved that security issue as well and it is one of the highlight improvements with update 5. They have also optimized Android runtime. Now you will get proper support for apps updates that you have installed in your device. So this update is really worth to do. If you have anything to say about it then please post with the same below in comment.