Jolla Phones to go on sale on November 27


The Jolla has finally made an announcement; it has now confirmed that Finnish Carrier DNA is selected as their partner for Jolla Smartphone launch. The Jolla Smartphone is all set to appear in market by November 27, of this year. You could be first to grab this first Sailfish operating System Smartphone. This Smartphone will have rocking features just as each mobile manufacturer try to introduce on each release of their product. Jolla is founded by ex-Nokia staff. They are hoping to rise in this battle of Smartphone to earn and gain decent position in global market. The Jolla team is all set to rise from ashes on from November 27th as their official release date in Finland.

Jolla Phones

The Jolla Smartphone will have 4.5inch display screen. It will have dual-core with 1.4GHz Snapdragon 400 processor. The Smartphone will sport 16GB storage capacity. The camera has 8-Megapixel to capture images. The handset is expected to come with Sailfish browser, Gecko Engine 20.0 and also with Firefox. But according to few sources, the Gecko Engine 20.0 integrated on mobile is not that great, while Sailfish Operating system will score well due to its efficiency.

Have heard that Jolla will be organizing an event in Heisinki, on which consumers who have pre-order will receive their Smartphones. While other who were not able to grab Jolla on their launch can make their purchase from traditional shipping method. Jolla has attracted numerous of users. Hope the ex-Nokian’s will achieve their expectations.