Jolla announces Sailfish OS 1.0, available for Download


Jolla has announced launch of Sailfish OS 1.1. This is going to be the first commercial-ready release of Sailfish OS. Earlier it was with beta platform. We can expect that Sailfish OS will be available for download soon for all devices running Google Android operating system. Sailfish is a linux based mobile operating system.

Jolla Phones

There are already some phones in India and Russia which are running Sailfish but Sailfish was made to be ported in existing Android devices. They are planning to launch update in March. Sailfish OS will bring easy navigation and live multitasking. There is support for native Sailfish apps along with apps designed for Android operating system.

Though Sailfish 1.1 will be released in March but will be compatible with older devices as well. These devices include Samsung Galaxy series, Google Nexus lineup, and Sony Xperia series. They have not mentioned any device name but we can get to see these names in their list soon. Jolla will also release a lookalike as an Android launcher. With lookalike Android launcher we can have a visual taste that how it will look after installing Sailfish.Jolla is bringing many improved features with Sailfish 1.1. Other than this, it will also give visual improvements, extended landscape support, new general settings and camera functionality.