Jelly Bean in 59.1 percent of Android devices, as KitKat grows steadily


Now it is confirmed that a lot of users are migrating to the newer operating system version and not just the latest version. This is cleared from the first android devices share data from Google for 2014. If we see the active devices in January then the new KitKat release raised to 1.4 percent. In month of December older software was 54.1 percent and this month it is raised to 59.1 percent.

Jelly Bean still preferred in Android Devices over KitKat

Android devices kitkat Logo

We all know that KitKat is restricted to Google hardware with Google nexus devices and Motorola device and that is the main reason that most of the third party devices will either get upgrade for KitKat or ship with pre-installed revision. Result that came out is not surprising at all. Android always tries to improve its OS with every new version but the figures that we got here are telling a completely different story. Kitkat is with 1.4 percent of devices and on the other hand, Jelly Beans is with 60 percent of total devices.

Google have not mentioned their Android 1.6 Donut and Android 2.1 Eclair in their monthly report. This is because these operating system versions are not having Google Play support.