Japanese carrier delays Tizen OS smartphones launch


Launch for Tizen OS smartphones is delayed and Japanese carrier said that this is not the right time for them to launch the Tizen operating system smartphone. They are looking for the best market condition for their new OS smartphone to be released and so Tizen is trying to take all possible right moves to release their Tizen OS off in market.

Tizen OS

NIT Docomo had planed to launch Tizen smartphone early this year but they have also cancelled their plan because of citing time problem. A speaker had a talk with Engadget Japanese about the history and according to him, sales for their smartphones are not increasing from last year and this is the reason that it has not got any space for their three mobile operating systems in Japan’s current smartphone climate. But we would like to tell you that this is the first year that this career is selling their iPhones.

There is just one month left for Mobile Word Congress that is to held at Barcelona. So it looks like Docomo is waiting for the new handsets to appear in MWC. We cannot say anything about this until MWC. We will keep our eyes on this news and as any new information will be available, it will be updated.