Its offical Wunderlist to be acquired by Microsoft


The news of the acquisition of 6Wunderkinder by Microsoft is doing the rounds for a couple of weeks now. The news has been further affirmed by the confirmation of the deal in which Microsoft has purchased the company for the cost of $100 to $ 200 million. For those new to this app, it is worth noting that the app is productivity based and fits into the companya��s theme. This app works on all major mobile and desktop platforms and certainly shall be one of the popularly wanted app. It is but natural that the existing users in Microsoft will have apprehensions about the working and how it will affect the app in the future.

wunderlist 2

However Founder and CEO of 6Wunderkindr have assured the users that they need not worry. He has promised the users that nothing will change right now. He has also flashed his verdict and he assures the users that the team in Berlin will continue to build and deliver Wunderlist, Wunderlist Pro and Wunderlist for business for all the devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Android, Windows phones etc. In the forthcoming days, Wunderlist shall become a part of the Microsoft family and strive to introduce barrage of the features.
Microsoft in its role has been widening its productivity portfolio apart from buying smaller families. The company is also experimenting with the apps like Flow, OneClip and Office Now. It is pretty clear that Microsoft is creating individual apps that accomplish in a single task effectively.

In the past few months Microsoft has purchased the companies and rebranded the apps, they took over Acompli and rebranded email app to Outlook, they also purchased Sunrise and now Wunderlist. Only time will speak whether this OS the last acquisition or the company has set their eyes on more apps.