Iris scanner is out, fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S5


Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the next smartphone from Samsung and it has got many rumors as well. It was in news that Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with Iris scanner but one Korean publication made it clear that S5 will have fingerprint scanner only. According to Korea Herald cites industry sources, Iris scanning technology is not grown up to the level so that it can be deployed. Currently Samsung is testing many kind of biometric sensors which can be used with Samsung Galaxy S5 but there are more chances that Samsung will go with Fingerprint sensor. Iris recognition will be very new for users and there will be risk included in that. Users may not like the new Iris recognition technology.

Samsung device

From a few market sources, it is found that if Samsung choose to use Iris sensor then that will also require a different camera and this camera will be of totally different design. It is simply not possible to implement Iris scan technology with normal phone camera. It will take at least 2 years for the Iris scan technology to be implemented in our devices. According to Korea Herald reports, Korean biometric tech companies have confirmed that they were not supplying Iris scanner to Samsung

It looks like Samsung is working with the fingerprint scanner but if we see the report then it still seems doubtful that Samsung will use this sensor. Fingerprint Cards AB is a Swedish company which develops biometric technology. They have stated that it is combining with global players including some from South Korea. Fingerprint Cards AB makes swipe based sensors which are used in HTC One MAx and also touch based sensors which are used in iPhone 5S. Please comment with your views about this technology.