iPhone 7 to ditch headphone jack


Herea��s a piece of shocking news, recently a source of Apple Chinese supply leaked a piece of words stating Apple will be ditching headphone jack from upcoming iPhone 7 and will use Lightning port instead. Yes, this might surprise you, but more to come! With this move, the team has driven to engineer thinner and slimmer models.
WeiFeng states upon loss of the regular traditional headphone jack saying Apple will come with Audio output, which will compensate the loss of traditional headphone jack. iPhone 7 will be the device which will switch from traditional headphone to something different wireless output.

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iPhone 7 to let go of Headphone Jack

Traditional the Bait & Switch

iPhone is considered as a significant product in line. Hence, the maker has to offer something unique which will be praised over 3.5mm headphone jack. Lightning port headphone with wireless charging option with bigger battery and better design. The high resolution audio coupled with lightning port might aid in losing the headphone jack within the phone. According to rumours, losing 3.5mm headphone jack might enable in making iPhone 7 completely waterproof.

Another challenge that comes on the path! Launch of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S had fallen for first time, after which 30% of cut in iPhone is considered during January to March. But ditching something traditional is not uncommon! USB Type C was first introduced in 12-inch of MacBook, which replaced the CD-drives and Floppy disk. Apple is trying to mark themselves unique to receive outstanding praise.