iPhone 4-inch model may look like iPhone 6


Applea��s newest iPhone will flaunt impressive look, identical to companya��s existing top-end iPhone, with a design which was launched in the year 2014 with the model iPhone 6. The leak is supposedly received from drawing from one of the Apple source. On looking closely over the drawing, the image discloses an amalgamation of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 hallmarks it also includes separate sections for loudspeaker and microphone at the bottom of the handset.

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iPhone 4 inch model to resemble iPhone 6

On comparing the old model with new one, one might trace the difference, the old handset had round True Tone flash module which mirrors the solid component in iPhone 6, while in the new handset is of old pill-shaped. In new prototype, the two loudspeaker portholes are eliminated to attain symmetry design structure on both sides.

No information in depth, is received about the 4-inch of Apple Smartphone, though the rumours are revolving around from past year. However, few reports claim that the new 4-inch model will come with A9 SoC with Touch ID and Apple Pay.According to a few sources, Apple will come with 4-inch along with the third generation iPad Air on March 15, and will go on sale after three days!