iOS leads in ad revenues but Android leads in web traffic


Opera, Norwegian web browser has released a report which rates impacts and revenue from mobile ads within last three months of 2013. In that report, Opera have cleared that ad impressions for mobile phones are raised to 60 billion a month. This result is so obvious that most of people have smartphones and they access internet though it. There are also some of the very interesting facts presented by them. It is also made clear that how iOS users and Android users used their phones in the last quarter of 2013.

Apple Logo
Leta��s start with iOS. iOS devices have maintained their dominance for ad revenue. iOS has 56 percent of total ad revenue in market. If we compare this figure with the 3rd quarter last year then they are improving. It was 50% of total market share on 3rd quarter of 2013. So they are performing very well in market and is some other competition want to overtake iOS then they really have to come with some very unique ideas.

Now leta��s have a look to Android. Android is leading iOS in terms of traffic. They have 36% of total market. It was 28.7% in Q3 of 2013.This means that Android is accelerating fast as compared to iOS and they have more numbers of customers browsing internet in comparison with iOS customers.