iOS 8.2 version to land with Apple watch support


Recently, Apple has come up with an iOS 8.2 beta version. The Apple team comes with improvement under connectivity section. The news break all headline running to grab the space of front page. Ita��s today, Apple have released the Beta version of iOS 8.2 operating system.
This release is followed by the iOS 8.2 previous version, after going through few bugs and rectification over testing section this version has been raised up. The Apple lover who are striving to get their hands on this version can download the latest released 8.2 beta version. Users can download this from development portal. The developer portal has all registered iOS developer on that portal.

Apple Watch

Very few news about the version and its related information has been revealed. But we are very sure, the version will have support for the WatchKit. No exact news about the version is landed!
The Apple lovers have hard decided, at any rate we will be downloading this beta version. All the notable changes recorded after improvement will be recorded. Leta��s hope we have great things loaded with upgraded version to catch up soon. Apple with its past recorded have not disappointed their users. They have always delivered expected quality on each of its product released so far. This iOS 8.2 version is expected to roll on floor in March, which also have a feature which support Apple Watch.