Instagram Private Messaging added for Users


Who don’t know Instagram? Well, Instagram has earned deserved fame.Instagram is back in the news, that too for very great news. Facebook Inc. Instagram Private Messaging added for users. Instagram is very first online photo sharing application. This time, Instagram will let user to share photos and video directly to their friends through Instagram private messaging section. Instagram has entered into serious competition against Snapchat Inc. This new feature is called Direct Instagram, through this feature people can send photos and videos to a number of friends; they can also comment or like the photos. This feature was announced by official in recent event which took place at New York. This new service will be available to all users from today itself.

Instagram Private Messaging makes it easier to maintain privacy

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It will be more like gathering friends on one photo, for discussion or to have a conversation. Instagram is totally charged to get into competition; it is not only giving a tough fight against Snapchat but also to Twitter and also other Messaging applications. This new feature is more about, Snapchat without snaps, or direct messages but within a particular group only.

Facebook, a popular social networking site has more than 1 billion users, it purchased Instagram for about $700 million last year. After the deal, Instagram reached to number of other users on Tablet and Smartphone’s. In October, Instagram started getting advertiser to reach out a large number of audience for about 150 million users.

Instagram, are all in force to keep introducing new features to get the number of users. Facebook is dominating social networking zone, all age group finds it user friendly to operate on.