Huawei quietly launches Ascend P6 S


Huawei launched the super slim Ascend P6 all thea�?approacha�?back ina�?Junea�?last year, a phonea�?regardinga�?thata�?it createda�?quite ana�?fuss,a�?boasta�?this was itsa�?initiala�?actuallya�?luxurious premium device. Now,a�?simplya�?over six months later, the Ascend P6 has been givena�?an awfula�?slight refresh and re-releaseda�?as Ascend P6S.

However,a�?instead ofa�?unveiling it at a London event, Huawei has quietlya�?declareda�?the Ascend P6S in China with nearlya�?no fanfarea�?in any respect. The news comes via Huaweia��s owna�?onlinea�?store,a�?wherevera�?ita��s confirmeda�?this is oftena�?a comparativelya�?basic update. The Ascend P6 primary claim to fame was it isa�?6.18mma�?thina�?chassis,a�?creating it the worlda��s slimmest device at the time. Ascend P6 S does not go one stepa�?morea�?and drop below 6mm thick, howevera�?insteada�?will increasea�?the thicknessa�?to 6.48mm.

Ascend P6 Launched

Ascend P6 S

Onea�?maya�?imaginea�?this coulda�?be to accommodatea�?a biggera�?battery, but sadly, ita��s still a 2000mAh cell. This trend continuesa�?because thea�?P6Sa�?is nearlya�?identicala�?as P6. The screen isa�?4.7-inches in size with a 720p resolution,a�?ana�?8-megapixel camera isa�?mounteda�?toa�?the reara�?of the device, and therea��sa�?an enormousa�?5-megapixel cameraa�?abovea�?the screen. The phone still does not have 4G LTEa�?connectivity and makes to go with 3G.

Soa�?whata�?are changes? The Huawei hasa�?enhanceda�?the quad core processor speed toa�?1.6GHz overa�?the 1.5GHza�?whereasa�?the RAM stays same at 2GB. Internal memory has been increased to 16GB from the 8GB. Finally,a�?maybea�?the worst news isa�?android 4.2.2a�?continues to bea�?put ina�?with Huaweia��s EmotionUI overa�?the highesta�?that meansa�?ita��sa�?manya�?versions behinda�?the most recent.

Ata�?the instant, the Ascend P6S comesa�?in an exceedinglya�?dual-SIM model howevera�?we are able toa�?expecta�?a typicala�?single SIM version to bea�?declareda�?shortly. Mobile World Congress ata�?the tipa�?ofa�?Februarya�?feels likea�?a securea�?bet then we cana�?heara�?additional thingsa�?regardinga�?an internationala�?version of the Ascend P6S.