HTC One M9 or HTC Hima launch is imminent


HTC seems to be in total-power to come with its yet another happening smart-phone called ‘HTC One M9’. There were lot of rumours about the HTC One M9. When is will be releasing? Its price, specification and exact availability date. This time as the HTC reports claim a bit different tale. HTC will no longer be using confusing M codename or bracket.
According to the HTC’s website source code, the upcoming flagship HTC phone will be called as ‘Hima’ or HTC One M9. This time M9 will be seen without brackets. The smart-phone also has a tag-line describing the smart-phone,’ HTC One M9-One Life’. HTC has given several outstanding smart-phone with ace quality and technology. It has set a releasing pattern, as most of HTC smart-phones are released in the spring, after MWC show.

HTC One M9

HTC One M9 launch

MWC 2015 is scheduled in first week of March, while all HTC lovers are expecting HTC One M9 by March 2015 itself! In United Kingdom, the M9 handset will soon be available week after MWC event. Yet an exact date is yet to receive!
A big puzzle also revolves around the price tag of the HTC One M9. But HTC is quite consistent with its pricing. The HTC One M7 was released at £500, while HTC One M8 came with £550. With such graph, we can predict the price will be approximate to this figure!