Hottest and Smartest Smart-watch isna��t running Android OS : It’s WebOS


You heard it right, Audi and LG have collaborated to produce a timeless beauty which is most desirable wearable of 2015 CES. The device gives glimpse of future LG wearablea��s, while the car makers saya��s ita��s just a prototype.
Official name for this Smart-watch is yet to be revealed, but the exclusive appearance in Las Vegas today enthralled people. It was exclusively revealed that the LG/Audi Smart-watch will not be having Android OS, in fact it is believed the device will have different operating system. The packing of the device makes the device unique and hence it is established on different software based LG Open WebOS.

lg audi watch webos

WebOS is an operating system developed by now-defunct Palm. The OS was first released in year 2009 with Pre-Smartphone. Palm was then bought by the HP in year 2010, then was introduced as open-source in 2012. LG have decided to work on this OS and implement more and more functionality in this wearablea��s.

To make the device more wonderful, Audi app allows to control your paired vehicle. The other apps in this device are Voice Memo, Find my Phone, Remote Shutter, and Q Voice. These are few apps to name, also you can adjust settings of sound, unlike under Android wear. The LG/Audi Smart-watch proves to function as standalone cellular device as well. The Smartphone is yet to step in public market. The officials havena��t disclosed when a consumer version will be available, but we can hope to get Smart-watch as beautiful as the prototype model displayed.