Hisense X1 is 6.8 inch display phone headed for USA


Nexus 7 is one of the most famous tablets and the only thing that it is missing is the calling feature. If it would have the SIM card support also then it would be more famous. Looking at this need of customers, Hisense is coming up with the Hisense X1. This is a new phablet comes with 6.8 inch screen and 1080p IPS display. United states people will have to wait for it because this new device will hit the China market before arriving to United states. As this seems to be the mini version of Nexus 7 but have got quite good specifications.


There is Snapdragon 800 chipset with Android 4.4 KitKat and so it will give you good performance. At the rear side, it has 13 megapixel camera to click good quality pictures. Battery is again one of the most important thing for any device and so it has got 3,900mAh battery. These all are the appealing features of Hisense X1 but it is missing the LTE compatibility. It is only HSPA+ compatible.

This device is designed so nicely that it if very handy and fits in one hand easily. Snapdragon 800 chipset gives a smooth performance to the device. The demo model that was presented by Hisense was with Android 4.3 but according to Hisense, final release will be having Android 4.4 KitKat. This device is made with the minimum cost possible and that is the reason that Hisense X1 body is made up of plastic. Using some other material will surely increase the total price for device. Plastic also makes it light weight and so handling it become very comfortable.

There is no official conformation for this but it is in news that Hisense is going to subsidize this device with two US carriers and so we will have to wait by the time this thing is confirmed.